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Personal and Relational Enhancement

"Separation doesn't just happen, it's an accumulation of unresolved issues and unmet needs"

- THE CORE COMMUNICATION COURSE - We want to offer you simple solutions and equip you with powerful tools that will enable you to gain a deeper sense of connectivity with others. There is an effective and proven method that permits you to deeply express yourself without creating unnecessary tension. Our experienced team will teach you how to resolve problems that seem insurmountable and help you rebuild trust with your partner, family member or co worker using the Core Communication technic.Workshops / Only $499.95 Per Couple (2 Books per Couple)

Prioritizing and protecting what is most valuable!

Core Communication You learn 11 skills that improve every aspect of your life — with your partner, your family and friends, and with people at work and elsewhere.

Regain and develop greater intimacy and trust

Create a peaceful atmosphere at your home andwork place

Find resolutionto complicated situations

Learn how to make simple behaviour adjustments that will encourage positive change

Make better decisions together without compromising each other

Connect in a deeperand meaningful way

Help others to feel safe when expressing themselves

Cultivate a culture of honesty and openness

Stop unhealthy and toxic cycles from reoccurring